Office design

We design your office and furnish it according to your needs

The tailor-made office project

Arredoufficio designs the office and, thanks to its contract service, creates projects and offices that are completely tailored to the needs of each client.

From law firms, to executive offices, to medical offices and even to the premises of companies and industries, to the reception of banks and hotels. In any environment and in any condition, Arredoufficio is able to create the best and most functional solution for the furnishing and layout of offices.

By studying a property, with our professional staff, we are able to set up the best office furniture solution.

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Office design professionals Because an office is not just made up of desks and bookcases. In any office it is, first of all enhancing the environment . Identify the strengths , take advantage of natural lighting and enhance every corner of the environment.

With its countless modules, its integrated lighting systems, its mezzanines or retractable wardrobes, Arredoufficio is able to do the impossible. Because behind the scenes of our company, a staff of people who have twenty years of experience in the sector moves. Furniture specialists and professionals capable of fully empathizing with companies, small, medium or large, who want to create new work spaces or simply modernize existing spaces.

The design of an office should be left to the professionals. And who better than a company like Arredoufficio that produces, sells, designs and assembles its professional modules? Its strong point is precisely that of being able to play with measures and modules. To be able to create a custom wall, to be able to integrate modules of different lines and to be able to count on an expert staff of technicians who are well acquainted with the individual pieces that will be included in every office design. Each module is built with high quality materials, intended to last over time and covered by a wide warranty. Each module can be easily replaced or integrated with other modules and being naturally subject to future and eventual changes, it lends itself well to any rethinking or need for any changes.

Arredoufficio was born in the heart of Brianza, building its service on “made to measure”: furnishings, furniture, projects, assembly and assistance, all built and sewn according to the customer’s needs. The company has been specializing in office design and furniture for twenty years now. We follow the customer from the design of the spaces up to the assembly, passing through the choice of materials, furnishings, lighting, walls and floors and everything needed to create an office.

Goals of perfect design

  • The furnishings must be perfectly integrated with “corporate life”, therefore with the corporate well-being, with the habits of employees and collaborators and with the philosophy of the company.
  • The project must be carried out in such a way as to ensure maximum productivity of those who work on it
  • Aesthetics are not decisive, but both the entrepreneur and the employees are more satisfied and motivated if they work in an elegant and modern environment that reflects the corporate values.
  • Office furniture must be in line with brand communication
  • A winning furniture must start from creating an optimized working environment for the well-being of workers and guaranteeing maximum efficiency.
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Lighting adequate and balanced according to natural light

Office furniture is an investment and the goal is to make managers and employees work better, paying attention to health to make everyday work more comfortable. The natural consequence is the improvement of company performance.

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