ARREDOUFFICIO: From project to office furnishings

The Arredouffico making the office design of tailored work for the needs of each client. Law firms, and directors’ offices, the doctors and even the bureaucratic local companies and industries, the banks and hotel receptions. In any environment and under any conditions, the company is able to create the best and most functional design for office. Studying a property, with its staff of professionals, our company is able to set up the best office furniture solution and implement it in practice.

Because an office is not only made of desks and bookcases. Of any office design it, we must first improve the environment. Identify the strengths, exploit the natural illmunazione and meet the existing shortage or aesthetic practices. With its countless forms, its integrated lighting systems, its mezzanine floors or cabinets retractable, the Arredoufficio is able to do the impossible. Also to create different workstations in a few square meters or render the neglected pleasing image of an old office.

Design professionals to an office

The design of an office must be left to professionals. And who better than a company like Arredoufficio that produces, sells, designs and assembles its professional form? Its strong point is precisely to be able to play with the measures and imoduli. You can create a wall to measure, to be able to integrate the different lines modules and can count on a sttaff expert technicians who know the individual pieces that are going to fit into any office design. Each module is built with high quality materials, designed to last and covered daampia warranty. Each module can be easily replaced or integrated with other modules and being naturally subject to future and any changes, lends itself well to any rethinking or need for any modifications

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