progetto arredamento ufficio
A company to serve business

Office contract

Your turnkey office
From the project to the installation with a single interlocutor

Contract Office

Reliability and competence for the realization of turnkey offices

Arredoufficio is the ideal partner to produce the office furniture for any type of commercial business, offices, banks, hotels and enterprise and institutions that need integrated turnkey solutions, by providing its Office Contract Furniture service. With its high standard tailored service for any type of customer, from the small enterprise to the large group, Arredoufficio is a partner who guarantees reliability and skill for the wide variety of contract strategies, with single projects or modular operations throughout the country.

progetto arredamento ufficio
Offices tailored to each type of company Reliability and competence for the creations of turnkey office furniture
progetto arredamento ufficio

Drywalls and false ceilings

  • Made in a short time
  • Excellent thermal insulation power
  • Suitable for dividing rooms and offices
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progetto arredamento ufficio

Technical lighting

  • Designed for each type of workstation
  • Solutions studied with care and attention
  • High quality tailored service for the customer
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pareti per ufficio

Light Wall

  • Lighting partition walls for offices
  • Customizable with any type of photo
  • Modular and adapt to any need
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Raised floors

  • Continuous transformation of the work place
  • Resolves plant engineering problems
  • Raised from between 10 to more than 100 cm
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Traditional floors

  • Wide range of finishes
  • Adaptable solutions for any office
  • Floors in various high quality materials
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Green for interiors

  • To improve concentration
  • To reduce stress symptoms
  • To absorb noise and smell
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