With Arredoufficio quality and reliability from planning through to assembly.

Arredoufficio is first and foremost a team specialised in personalized advice, planning, assembly and assistance in creating your new office. We handle more than 300 projects every year and the process is always the same. We start with the briefing with the customer to learn their idea of the office they want, their needs and desires. The first step for each product is to listen and understand what the customer wants. The second step is the project: the ideas become a tangible project that is feasible and studied down to the smallest details. The solution is then produced and the best project is then defined with the customer for their office.

There is then the installation, when the project becomes reality. Arredoufficio handles all the installations directly, from the furniture to the lighting right through to the accessories. The office is handed over only after every aspect has been carefully checked.

Arredoufficio is the ideal partner to produce the office furniture for any type of commercial business, offices, banks, hotels and enterprise and institutions that need integrated turnkey solutions, by providing its Office Contract Furniture service.

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