Why it is worthwhile to hire or lease your office furniture.

Have you ever thought about hiring or leasing your office furniture?

These are medium-term hire and leasing operations that are increasingly chosen by companies, and are the ideal solution for anyone who just wants to pay for the use of the items. Choosing hire or lease means making an innovative choice with numerous tax, financial, administrative and practical advantages.
Arredoufficio stipulates a unique contract with you tailored to your needs, to guarantee you receiving a highly performing solution.

Choosing office furniture hire or lease means:

Increase your working capital and optimize your cash flow.

The instalments can be completely deducted for IRAP purposes.

No initial down payment in the case of hire.

10% initial down payment in the case of leasing.

No risk involved with ownership of the products, which remains with the lessor.

Instalments can be spread over 24 to 60 months.

The hire contract can be extinguished in advance when all the outstanding instalments have been paid.

Minimum amount of paperwork involved (chamber of commerce report, signatory’s identity card and tax number, last balance sheet)

Direct contract with the hire company and the end customer

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