• Company:Exeltis
  • Intervention type:New Offices
  • Industry:Pharmaceutical
  • Product Line-ups:Softwall - Workspace - Custom Made - Lightwall
  • Project curator:Arredoufficio
  • Surface size:400 mq

Green and blue colour the outdoor and indoor spaces of Exeltis. Outside in a play of references between the green of the lawn and the blue of the many windows that make up the entire structure. Inside between the “sea” effect created by the parquet and the green of the walls and soundproofing panels.

Arredoufficio has designed and built the new offices of Exeltis, committed to innovation, excellence and health care, recreating the spirit of the company in its furnishings and details.
And so, between blue, synonymous with research, expression and openness, and the green appeal of stability, safety and constancy, the new operational offices, shared areas and meeting rooms are being developed.
No detail has been left to chance, starting from the green, the real green of the plants, present in the office up to the chairs. Seats for operating desks and meeting room tables that respect all the principles of ergonomics needed to work in maximum comfort.

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